Harvesting levels are far below the level of growth. The volume of hardwoods in American forests today is 90 percent larger than it was 50 years ago.

Company Culture

At Frank Miller Lumber, our company culture is important to us. Our core values and our people make us who we are. We put people – both our team members and our customers – first, always. Our company changes and grows, the beliefs that are most important to us remain: pursuing product excellence, acting with integrity, and serving our community.

Being part of Frank Miller Lumber means being part of more than a century of proud history and a thriving and growing culture.




Along with its primary products, quartersawn white oak and quartersawn red oak, Frank Miller periodically produces smaller quantities of quartersawn cherry, hard maple, walnut and hickory.


Quartersawn Process

Quartersawn hardwood lumber is preferred for its unrivaled beauty, strength and stability. The secret to exploiting these superior characteristics is the quartersawing process itself.


We’ve successfully applied our quartersawn hardwoods into many magnificent architectural endeavors in environmentally challenging regions.

About Frank Miller Lumber

For over a century, Frank Miller Lumber has been a family-run business continuously operating at its 20-acre founding location in rural Union City, Indiana. From filling small orders for local farmers with crosscut saws and steel-wheeled wagons, we have grown into a thriving, global enterprise employing state-of-the-art sawmill and kiln drying technology.

Frank Miller Lumber is a wholesale lumber supplier specializing in the manufacture of quartersawn hardwood lumber with the bulk of our production in white and red oak. Other quartersawn hardwood species include cherry, hickory, hard maple, and walnut. Although we don’t manufacture plainsawn hardwood, we purchase high-end, quality green lumber from reputable local sawmills. This lumber is dried in our kilns, graded and sold through our distributor network.


Today, Frank Miller Lumber is among the world’s largest quartersawn hardwood lumber producers. Approximately 200 hardwood specialists work at our original Union City mill and at our kiln operation and concentration yard in Salem, Indiana.

Our lumber mill location in Indiana places Frank Miller at the transportation intersection of America. This enables our logistics department to expeditiously and economically ship a customer’s order by over-the-road truck, rail or ocean freight. We maintain business alliances with respected and reliable national carriers and international freight forwarders to ensure our customers enjoy prompt, damage-free and economical receipt of their lumber.