Shipping our Premier American Hardwoods throughout the world.

Our facility in Indiana places Frank Miller at the transportation intersection of America. This enables our logistics department to expeditiously and economically ship a customer’s order by over-the-road truck, rail or ocean freight. We maintain business alliances with respected and reliable national carriers and international freight forwarders to ensure our customers enjoy prompt, damage-free and low cost receipt of their lumber.

Frank Miller Excels in Delivery Logistics

Located near important roads, rail, and air transportation hubs in Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois.

U.S. port facilities on the U.S. East, West and Gulf Coasts are within two days of travel time from the mill.

The loading facility provides a clean, enclosed space for truck and container loading, thereby assuring a dry product.

All lumber is double-end trimmed, resulting in neat packaging for storage and resale.

On-site truck scale enables us to consistently load the maximum footage allowed within legal weight restrictions.

All bundles loaded into containers are prepared with heat-treated dunnage export blocks and three evenly spaced 1-1/2 in. bands for ease of transport and unloading. This further ensures that lumber is received in the very best condition.

On-site phyto sanitary certification with prompt completion is available.