Quartersawn hardwood flooring — incomparably beautiful, incredibly durable.

Frank Miller Lumber does not produce flooring, but we sell our beautiful quartersawn hardwoods to the finest flooring manufacturers in the United States. These high-end flooring manufacturers have come to rely on the incomparably beautiful premier American hardwoods of Frank Miller Lumber.

Frank Miller Lumber is the leading provider of quartersawn White and Red Oak. The Oaks score high on the Janka hardness scale, measuring the denting resistance of various wood species. The quartersawing process itself intrinsically improves lumber stability. Unlike plainsawn hardwoods, straight-grained quartersawn hardwoods tend to expand and contract in thickness, not width, virtually eliminating warping, twisting and cupping.

Sustainable American hardwoods have been trusted for centuries in projects around the world. Frank Miller’s quartersawn American hardwoods provide beauty, authenticity, integrity, and lasting aesthetic value to high-end interiors of all types.